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YOUniTE begins where the formal-education ends. We are pioneered in delivering industry-aspiring skills, competence, and experiences, and bring an end-to-end ecosystem to support distinctive talent needs of individuals & institutions. Our platform includes professional trainers, coaches, and mentors with hands-on industry experience & lived-the-wisdom of what it takes to build Next-Gen talents in the field of ‘Investment Banking & Operations Industry”

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Education & Experience into Enterprise-value

Our Vision
To be the best-in-class ‘Talent hub’, transforming Education-into-Experience, and Experience-into Enterprise-value for Investment Banking Operations (IOB) industry, and significantly contribute to the growth of people, clients, and community.
Our Mission
Design and develop products with industry participation for industry's utilization to uplift potential talent and scale quality workforce.
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our services
Quality Education matters

Our Service Offerings Include

Fresher & Job Seeker Programs

Certificate Programs focussed on Investment Banking operations

Working Professional Programs

Certificate and personal leadership programs focussed on all round development

Enterprise & College Programs

Customized solutions to cater to the needs of talent placement, development and retention

Our Founders

Meet and learn more about the founding partners who started YOUniTE below

Abhishek Gupta

CO- Founder

Abhishek Gupta brings 17+ years of experience in Investment Banking Operations & Finance Industry, mainly with Northern Trust & State Street organization. He grew-up within the industry from an entry level Analyst-role to Senior-Vice-President, and left strong foot prints of success in managing Operations, Client service, Enterprise Leadership, Talent development, Driving Location Strategy, Transformation programs & Stakeholder relationships.

Abhishek Gupta is strongly moved by the passion to make-an-impact to People, Enterprises and Community through building the Talent-Pipeline & create a growth environment for People and Organizations. You & I can make this difference @YOUniTE.

Sumit Rai

Co- Founder

Sumit brings over 15 years of experience in International Higher Education Recruitment, Sales & Marketing in India & South East Asia market, leading teams for special projects, heading the Regional office for a renowned University, Liaising with various Governmental & trade bodies and an MBA in International Business Consulting from Hochschule Offenburg in Germany. Sumiit founded EUGateway in late 2016 to support students from India in their endeavour to find right education and career opportunities abroad.

With an International Certification in Career Coaching & Consulting from University of California, Sumit comes with similar passion & drive to significantly contribute to the Talent development. His mastery in coaching students, colleges & start-Ups will provide a leading edge to YOUniTE in adopting proven intelligence & best-in-class industry practices.