Investment Banking Operations

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Investment Banking

Investment Banking Operations is a specialized function within financial services industry that provides end-to-end solutions to support manage & expand Client’s interest in financial assets / investments. The services are majorly classified as Asset Servicing, Asset Management, Fund Administration, Wealth Management, Custodial, Transfer Agency & fiduciary services.

Career Opportunities

The career opportunities in Investment Banking Operations have been growing steadily at an average rate of 15% YoY. It has been estimated that the growing rate will further accelerate due to the fact that the sector has been matured. Building a career in this sector is definitely rewarding, challenging & also fulfilling.

Nevertheless, the day-to-day work of an Operations Analyst typically demanding, fast-paced, challenging, learning-oriented and may be considered stressful by those who enjoy a more relaxed work-life balance. 

Future-Proof Your Career @ IBO

“You cannot build a Great Building, on a Weak Foundation”

Gordon B

TOP 5 Compelling Reasons To Choose An IBO Career Path :

1 Future Focused
2 Career Skills
3 Key Values
4 Compensation & Benefits
5 Global Exposure, & Talent Mobility
Future Focused

Future Focused Skills / Technology Disruptors

The industry revolution 5.0 trends, largely disrupting the sector with a compelling case to build “Smart Operations Business” through adopting modern technology solutions including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data-driven tools & RPA solution etc. 

Key Value #1 - The Talent Focus is fundamentally shifting from a ‘Data-Entry & Key-stroke Technical-skills’, into Building Innovation, Decision making, Cognitive/Intellectual skills.

Future Focused Skills / Technology Disruptors
Career Skills

Build Foundational Career Skills for long-term success

The entry-level job responsibilities are objectively  focused on achieving Productivity, Quality, Reporting, and Upstream/Downstream Team work.  In addition, Innovation & Creativity are highly valued as key performance behaviours in this industry

Key Value #2 – With greater focus & 12-18 months commitment in Analyst roles, leads to build strong career foundation skills  including Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving & Communication skills – these skills are set to payoff throughout your lifetime / career journey.


Build Foundational Career Skills for long-term success
Key Values

Enterprise Key Values, Culture & Behaviours

Given the maturity of the industry & strong leadership, the inclusive behaviours / DE&I are actively promoted in the workplace, the Rewards & Recognitions are performance driven, and Career/Growth opportunities are competence / merit driven.

Key Value #3 – The enterprise culture Is critically important for an enriching Professional journey, achieve long-term Career aspirations,  and build on your strengths.

Enterprise Key Values, Culture & Behaviours
Compensation & Benefits

Salary, Benefits & perks

o   Salary – The compensation for the Jobs/Roles in this industry is usually determined after Industry/Market Data analysis – i.e. The current compensation is compared against the industry/market compensation for similar job role/title, and the compensation is either placed On/Above the market. 

o   Benefits & Perks  – A few common benefits/perks include – (a)  Medical Insurance for Self & Family, (b) Personal Accident / Life Insurance Cover (c) Transport Facility or allowance, (d) Meal Allowance (e) On-shore Public Holidays (f) Annual Leaves, with carry forward facility.

Key Value#4 – Beyond the attractive Comp & Benefits, most organizations adopt People-centred leadership practices – e.g. Major change Decisions impacting staff/business are actively communicated, Quarterly earnings & progress towards goals are frequently relayed to staff. etc.

Salary, Benefits & perks
Global Exposure, & Talent Mobility

Key Players

The key players in this sector are Global Financial institutions having presence across many locations globally. A career path in this industry provides access to global leadership, participate in global projects, on-site experiences, Short-Term international assignments, and also opportunities for Permanent Transfers to a preferred global location.

Key Value # 5 -  Platform provides countless opportunities to connect performance & impact globally, access to global leadership and also opportunity to build careers in global location.

Key Players

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