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We are looking for like-minded talents with Passion & Power!

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We are looking for like-minded talents with Passion & Power to add value to people in various shape/form including –


Purpose, Passion, Profession

It has been said - "Follow your passion, it will lead you to your purpose and eventually it may become your profession”

At Younite, we set out to pursue a Bold Vision

To Inspire Talent, Growth & Well-Being of Individuals, Institutions & Communities through imparting & equipping Next Gen workforce with future focused Skills/Competence, modern industry Tools / Practices, Cultural values & high performing behaviours and preparing individuals to take leaps in their Careers within Investment Banking Operations.

Interested to Join Us?

Career Opportunities @Younite will surely connect you to higher purpose, making you deliver on the Bigger picture. 

Our Story of Existence is Largely Influenced by the Below Evolving Trends

Our Story

Younite brings Solid Strategy, Leadership & Execution roadmaps to build strong Talent Pipelines for the Investment Banking Operations industry.

Industry Transformation

The Digitization & Automation trends with AI/ML based technologies driving major revolution in the Investment Banking Operations industry, this transformation journey requires enterprise to rethink of their skill/competency needs, and also Upskill & Reskill their current/future talents to align them to the new complexity /changing operating model.

Talent Gap

Employability among Commerce graduates in India is about 43% in 2022, a small increase from 2021. A recent survey of top-notch companies identifies that 75% of companies reporting a skill-gap in the Industry

How can you benefit from working with Younite?

The Founders & leadership Crew bring diversified experiences working with global Corporate/Enterprises, Universities & Educational Institutions, Entrepreneurs / specialized in Start Ups etc The hub of integrated experiences bring diversified perspectives, values & define high standard working culture.
Agility / Creativity
The focus of Younite is certainly not on Training, but to support various Talent development needs of individuals/enterprise. The job responsibilities will be for building content for unique/challenging situations/complex roles, future-ready skills/competence, and specialized / high-demand projects. The job responsibility demands to be highly agile and versatile in adopting experience, research & creativity in building, designing & delivering content.
Versatile / Global Exposure
The target clients will be Fresher, Universities & Educational institutions, Working professionals and Corporate/ global Enterprises . Building & delivering tailor-made solutions and interacting with various sections of Talent community will be a unique takeaway.
Compensation & Benefits
Competitive pay based on individual’s competence & commitment, and in line with the responsibilities.
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What does it take to be part of Younite!

Soft Skills :  Strong written & verbal communication, Presentation skills, and Innovation & problem solving abilities, Excellence in Execution, Team Player.

Subject Matter Expert


Web Design / Graphic Designer