What is the – Certified Investment Banking Asset Servicing Professional (CIBASP) Certification?

Our flagship program, Certified Investment Banking Asset Servicing Professional (CIBASP), which acts as a conduit between students and companies in investment banking operations, was introduced just over five months ago. There have been many learnings already, with the biggest of them all centered around the know-how of this industry amongst the students completing their graduation and post graduation degrees. What little awareness there is is limited to people who reside in and attend school in Tier I cities.

It is difficult to imagine that this industry could experience a talent shortage given the amount of students that graduate each year in India, yet it does exist.

Three strategies that YOUniTE will use to improve the talent ecosystem for investment banking operations:

Tapping undiscovered talent: Investment Banking Operations has emerged as a strong career option for people pursuing their degrees in commerce, accounts, administration and management courses.  It employs more than 2 million people in India and yet, it’s hardly known outside the major towns where it already has its presence.  Four million students appear for B.Com alone every year in India showcasing the availability of the abundant talent pool that can cater to the needs of this industry.

We at YOUniTE arrange seminars and events just to raise awareness of this sector and the job prospects it offers. Our seminars have attracted a lot of attention from students in cities like Jhansi, Amravati, Pune, Phaltan, Nasik, Satara, Kolhapur, and others, and because some of these students have already enrolled with us, they will inspire a whole new talent pool once they are placed.

Building an everlasting skilled talent base: Our goal is to establish an ecosystem where corporations may continuously access a talent pool of skilled workers. The Certified Investment Banking Asset Servicing Professional (CIBASP) program, was designed to provide learners a nearly real-time impression of what their actual employment will be like. The “Day In A Life” (DIAL) method served as our main source of inspiration.  

The amount of time and effort required of employers to train new hires is currently their biggest challenge. It is difficult to find the subject and technical knowledge needed for the work, and in some situations, the learning curve may easily take six to eight months. We anticipate that this learning curve will be reduced by at least 70% with CIBASP.

Industry veterans as instructors:  The CIBASP curriculum has been designed in line with the way the on-job training (OJT) is conducted in the organizations. Our program instructors come from industry and on an average carries an experience of 15+ years. The relevance of an instructor’s experience is a key factor in helping students learn job-ready skills. Instructors with real-world experience bring a unique perspective to the classroom and provide students with invaluable insights on the skills needed to succeed in their chosen field. Our instructors with investment banking operations experience are able to draw on their own experiences to provide students with an understanding of the “ins and outs” of the job. This helps students build a greater appreciation for the complexities of a particular job and allows them to apply their knowledge to real-world situations. Instructors can also provide tips and tricks to help students become more efficient and effective in their work. Instructors with relevant experience also have a better understanding of the current job market, which helps them guide students in the right direction. They can provide advice on which skills are most in demand, as well as which industries are most likely to be hiring. This allows students to focus their efforts on the areas that are most likely to land them the job they want. Finally, instructors with relevant experience can also provide students with valuable networking opportunities. By introducing students to other professionals in their field and connecting them with potential employers, instructors can open the door to job opportunities that might otherwise be out 

We hope that this blog has provided you with a better understanding of the initiatives undertaken by YOUniTE, and that it will help you make more informed decisions. As always, we encourage you to do your own research and consult with experts to make the best decision for your specific needs. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

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